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The Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project is carried on by 6 different institutions, who fight with similar issues when it comes to their teaching staff: the fluctuation of personnel is high, so partners must continually invest in the development of their staff & teachers lack some knowledge, which are essential to provide qualitative services: especially using audiovisual methods in the classroom, soft skills and pedagogical skills.

These are the main reasons, why the project is meant to achieve the following general objectives:  to bring innovation in the linguistic education of adults by developing digital of skills of teachers; increase the soft skills and pedagogical skills of educators to better fit the current requirements of employees; increase the quality and efficiency of language teaching.

The objectives will be achieved especially by training events. The topics of the training events will develop three types of skills:

– Digital skills such as using educational apps and online resources to create audiovisual materials for the classroom, create and use video pod-casting, digital safeness;

– Soft skills such as leadership skills; inter-and-intra personal communication; teamwork and problem-solving; social and emotional intelligence;

– Pedagogical skills such as using the CLIL method, flipped classroom or classroom management.

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